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Cabañas Los Troncos is an accessible and unique location along Route 5 South (Ruta 5 Sur), close to numerous tourist attractions to visit while staying with us.


Some places you can visit are the famous vineyards of the Colchagua Valley, the beaches of Pichilemu, the salt lakes at Cáhuil , casino and museum of Santa Cruz, Del Flaco Hotsprings , wicker artisans  at Chimbarongo , the quarries Pelequén and the Sierras de Bellavista , among others.


We invite you to discover the charms of the Region del Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins.


The Colchagua Valley landowners have organized to implement what they call the Wine Route, which takes you to its partners in a series of appointments and tours, hosting tourists to show them their facilities, processes and products.


The Wine Route is an itinerary of visits to vineyards, where you can see the production process of different types and varieties of wine.


A day trip to the city of Santa Cruz, located in the heart of the wine industry, will show you all the tradition of the huaso area. We recommend the following restaurants in the city and Wine Route:


Pan Pan Vino Vino.

Bookings: 9519 3823

Km 31 Carretera del Vino, Cunaco


Los Varietales, Santa Cruz Plaza Hotel

Bookings: (72)- 2209 600

Plaza de Armas 286, Santa Cruz, Colchagua Valley


More info:

Informative video:

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A must stop is to visit Chimbarongo, which is located 10 minutes south of our cabins. There you will find the best wicker crafts of the region and the country. The creativity of the artisans who make these beautiful products is limitless.


They range from simple ornaments, baskets of all kinds, lamps and even furniture for the whole house. You can even bring your own design and come to terms with an artisan for you to manufacture your dream furniture.


Local crafts are on the edge of Highway 5 South and are easily accessible.



30 minutes to the west of San Fernando is Santa Cruz. In the city center you will find the Museum of Colchagua.


The museum is one of the largest private collections of Chile brimming with objects of different nature: prehistoric insects preserved in amber, ornaments and utensils of primitive peoples and staged scenarios to travel to the colonial, pre-Columbian and prehistoric past.


Attached to the museum, you will find the Casino de Santa Cruz.


The Termas Del Flaco is within 77 kilometers east of San Fernando, in the Cordillera de Los Andes.


The hot springs are one of the best centers of thermal waters. Due to its characteristics and composition, doctors recommend its waters to cure anemia, allergic conditions, rheumatism, diabetes, broncho pulmonary disorders, otitis, arthritic diseases, chronic colds, uric acid and other illnesses. You can go on hikes to the dinosaur footprints, to the mine and the virgin.



Capital of Cardenal Caro Province, located only 124 Km. away from the town of San Fernando. It has amazing choices for the tourist who visits it.


The beaches of Pichilemu are notable for its large size and black sands. All suitable for swimming, fishing, water sports and it has public transport to access them.


If you want you can extend your visit until you reach Punta de Lobos, the “Surf Paradise” or even the Salinas de Cáhuil (Cáhuil Salt Lakes).



Pelequén is a small village, located 20 km. North of San Fernando. Its craft in pink stone worked by local artisans stands out, acquiring various forms as bases for tables, walk ways, pavers and water fountains.


The pink stone is extracted from a quarry located a few meters south of Rigolemu Bridge. It is a pink hill from which craftsmen extract the rock as in ancient times, with homemade gunpowder (a mixture of carbon, sulfur and saltpeter). Then they carve the stone, shaping it with a chisel.


At 40 Km from San Fernando, in an atmosphere of mystical beauty, Sierras de Bellavista are located


This is an extraordinary piece of paradise, which was once a picturesque Andean spa encompassed the estates of Bellavista, Talhuensillo , Barrancas and Guanaco . It was Dante Lepori who had the idea of this town to the likeness of the Italian Alps.


Amid a prodigious forest of large pines are many mansions whose beauty and comfort rivals the beauty of the landscape. Alongside them an artificial lake of crystalline waters invite to rest and relax.

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Hotel Hostel Hostal Talca

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